Bring Your Script to Life: 5 Easy Steps to Create Personalized Videos

Step 1

Choose Your AI Presenter

Browse our diverse collection of avatars to find the one that best reflects your brand and content style.

Step 2

Craft Your Script

Enter your base script, the core message you want to convey.

Step 3

Personalize with Variables

Select the specific details you want to personalize, such as names, birthdays, or locations.
Enter the values for each variable to customize the video for each recipient.

Step 4

Generate & Preview

Click "Start Creating" to let our AI engine generate your personalized video.
Preview the video to ensure everything looks and sounds perfect.

Step 5

Share & Get More Leads

Easily integrate the video with email marketing platforms to send personalized videos directly to users.
For advanced integration or bulk video creation, contact our sales team to discuss end-to-end solutions.

Increase Engagement with AI Personalized Videos: Here's How

Imagine an ad that greets you by name and showcases features you'd use. AI Personalized video marketing tailors content to each viewer, boosting engagement and ad effectiveness.

Trusted By Customers: Success Stories & Reviews

The accuracy and relevance of the AI-generated video scripts from Unscript are really impressive. The content feels customized and genuine as if each video was handwritten for that specific audience segment. This level of personalization at scale is a game-changer.

Sudipta Biswas
Co-Founder, Floworks

Arrowhead had the opportunity to work with unscript to enhance our email communication. The integration of video content into our email campaigns proved to be instrumental in optimizing our sales conversion rates. The platform's user-friendly interface and seamless integration capabilities facilitated a smooth transition into incorporating video elements into our existing strategy. Overall, the collaboration with has been a valuable asset to our sales communication efforts.

Chinmay Shah
Co-Founder, Arrowhead

Big thanks to Unscript.AI for creating great impact for us! We worked with them to create awesome personalized videos for abandoned carts, which gave us a 1.5% conversion rate! An increase of over 100%We struggled with content to minimize abandoned carts but their personalized video was an absolute game changer! The feedback from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive.

Alishea Sunil
Brand Manager, Amazin Graze

Unscript helps us personalize our CRM messages to the targeted audience. In the world of AI - we needed something that can awestruck our users with personalized video messages. Lots of learnings.

Nawaneet Kumar
Product Manager Ops, HealthifyMe

As the Corporate Communications Manager at Maithan Steel, using Unscript for personalized videos has been a game-changer. Our brand ambassador, The Great Khali, personally addressed potential customers by their names and specific quotations, significantly enhancing engagement. The videos were of outstanding quality, perfectly capturing The Great Khali's presence and delivering our message effectively. Unscript's platform was user-friendly, and their team provided exceptional support. This personal touch saved us time and resources, making our outreach more engaging and connecting our potential customers to our brand like never before. Unscript's innovative approach has transformed our communication strategy at Maithan Steel. The co-founder, Ritwika, has been exceptionally helpful in walking us through this, every step of the way.

Waiza Ahmed
Corporate Communications Manager, Maithan Steel and Power Limited

How to use personalized video

Personalized Sales Pitches

Craft personalized sales videos showcasing your best features for each prospect, grabbing their attention and boosting engagement.

Re-engage Customers

Send personalized messages to follow up with customers at key points, like reminding them about abandoned carts or nurturing unresponsive leads. Even personalized videos for active trial users can keep them hooked!

Personalized Learning

Create engaging and customized onboarding, training, or explainer videos. Ditch the generic approach and give your audience a tailored experience that's both informative and enjoyable.

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