Text-to-video AI generator for your customers and teams.

Choose from your own AI avatar to a diverse range of real human avatars and voices.

Create Videos For Every Team

Product Marketing, Product demos, Tutorials, promotional ads & more. Easily create, customize, translate languages, and reach a wider audience.

Learning and Development

Elevate your training materials with Unscript's professional AI-powered video creation platform. Streamline the creation process and produce impactful educational content effortlessly.


Need help with video content? Unscript helps marketing teams create eye-catching videos for brands, products, and promotions.

Personalized Videos

Personalized AI video campaigns let you craft unique video messages for every user and create videos at scale, perfect for making your stakeholders happy.


Dub your videos to reach new audiences, train employees globally, and deliver multilingual customer support – all in one go.

Customer Service

Empower customers with clear, engaging video guides, FAQs, and announcements.


Unscript empowers enterprises to create professional, personalised videos for training, announcements, and bulk outreach – all without filming talent.


Tested Languages

10 Mn+

Videos Generated

1 Bn+

Training Data Points

Real People, Real Results: Watch Unscript Videos

Check out the creation with Unscript, your key to making awesome videos with AI! It's the future of video marketing, letting you create tons of content quickly and easily.

Testimonials and Reviews

The accuracy and relevance of the AI-generated video scripts from Unscript are really impressive. The content feels customized and genuine as if each video was handwritten for that specific audience segment. This level of personalization at scale is a game-changer.

Sudipta Biswas
Co-Founder, Floworks

Arrowhead had the opportunity to work with unscript to enhance our email communication. The integration of video content into our email campaigns proved to be instrumental in optimizing our sales conversion rates. The platform's user-friendly interface and seamless integration capabilities facilitated a smooth transition into incorporating video elements into our existing strategy. Overall, the collaboration with unscript.ai has been a valuable asset to our sales communication efforts.

Chinmay Shah
Co-Founder, Arrowhead

Big thanks to Unscript.AI for creating great impact for us! We worked with them to create awesome personalized videos for abandoned carts, which gave us a 1.5% conversion rate! An increase of over 100%We struggled with content to minimize abandoned carts but their personalized video was an absolute game changer! The feedback from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive.

Alishea Sunil
Brand Manager, Amazin Graze

Unscript helps us personalize our CRM messages to the targeted audience. In the world of AI - we needed something that can awestruck our users with personalized video messages. Lots of learnings.

Nawaneet Kumar
Product Manager Ops, HealthifyMe

As the Corporate Communications Manager at Maithan Steel, using Unscript for personalized videos has been a game-changer. Our brand ambassador, The Great Khali, personally addressed potential customers by their names and specific quotations, significantly enhancing engagement. The videos were of outstanding quality, perfectly capturing The Great Khali's presence and delivering our message effectively. Unscript's platform was user-friendly, and their team provided exceptional support. This personal touch saved us time and resources, making our outreach more engaging and connecting our potential customers to our brand like never before. Unscript's innovative approach has transformed our communication strategy at Maithan Steel. The co-founder, Ritwika, has been exceptionally helpful in walking us through this, every step of the way.

Waiza Ahmed
Corporate Communications Manager, Maithan Steel and Power Limited

The Future of Video is Here. Effortless. Scalable. Unscript.

Unscript is proud to be one of the flagbearers of the #GenerativeAI revolution


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